Portfolio Analysis

Asset Allocation

Diversification is vital to any financial portfolio. Using Morningstar, the leading provider of independent investment research, we can analyze your entire portfolio. This analysis is especially important for those that have several accounts, including outside assets, such as an employer sponsored plan or individual brokerage accounts.

The Morningstar report provides extensive detail of the make-up and past performance of your portfolio. Knowing the underlying foundation of your investments may assure if it is continuing to stay on track with your goals and objectives.

Tax-Managed Investments

For your non-retirement accounts, the growth may be significantly reduced by taxes on your investments. To avoid this, privately tax-managed accounts are available to limit investors’ tax burdens. There are a variety of strategies available to minimize taxes while continuing to grow your investments.

  • Do you have large holdings of low cost basis stock?
    • With a privately managed account, you can orchestrate the liquidation of highly appreciated assets to help minimize the tax consequences of the sale.
  • Have your holdings outgrown the kind of service that mutual funds provide?
    • As the sole owner of a portfolio, the investment strategy is customized to you. Detailed performance reporting keeps you informed about your portfolio’s progress to your investment goals.
  • Do you want to control when gains or losses are realized?
    • A tax-managed account can give you more control over when gains and losses are realized without forcing you to sacrifice the potential benefits of professional management.